DJ SANCON participation unit TRI4CE ban!

HIP HOP unit “TRI4CE” lifting of the ban on DJ SANCON participation!

Members 13ELL (Bell),

Dodge Noledge (Dodge knowledge),

DJ SANCON (Dee Jay Sankhon)

Keep an eye movement until the 1st album to be released in 2016 next year!

Available from iTunes Store! -single / id1067296229


1. “Pump In The Sky” feat.Cz Tiger

2. “Queen Or Joker” feat.Crucible, Ayaka

3. “My City” feat.Crucible – TRI4CE -

2015 to beat maker around the DJ SANCON (Dee Jay Sankhon), was formed in the three producer of Dodge Noledge (Dodge knowledge) and the wrapper of 13ELL (Bell) 1DJ, 1 beat maker, 1MC unit.

It delivers the 1st EP [TRI4CE E.P] on iTunes on December 23. Main stream of jazzy from Furoabanga mellow tune, hybrid music of providing state-of-the-art club music DJ unique is deserves must listen. Next year now and production in the 1st album to be released in 2016.